Oregon’s Radiator Supply House does it all

  Mitch Garrett of Radiator Supply House (www.radiatorsupplyhouse.com) in Sweet Home, Ore., can restore a radiator for a compact car or a semi truck. “I’ve been doing radiators since 1976.” Barrett said during the American Truck Historical Society’s (www.aths.org) 2017 convention in Des Moines, Iowa. He owned a heavy equipment industrial radiator shop in Medford, Ore. “I realized we could do more; I always had ideas so I started RSH […]

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No Band-Aid Measures For The 88 Car


Matt Kenseth says he doesn’t envision the 88 car being an option for his 2018 season. We agree. Fortunately, it’s hard to imagine the 2003 champion not driving in the NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series next season. It wouldn’t seem logical to go to Hendrick.

Now if he did, it wouldn’t be the first time a time a rent-a-ride scenario has played out. Fans may remember Kasey Kahne’s cameos with Team Red Bull in 2011. Just last season, Clint Bowyer toiled with H.Scott while awaiting to take over Tony Stewart’s ride. How did that work for them? To be fair, Kahne wasn’t bad at all in the 4 car, before moving to the 5 at HMS. It can be done, but at least in the case of the 88 car, it just doesn’t seem logical.

It would be one thing if there wasn’t a young driver currently not in Cup to fill the seat. The 88 would seem to have William Byron’s name written all over it. Is there any reason to think he’s not ready for it? Between Xfinity and the Camping World Truck Series, Byron has nine wins in 40 races. Few in the pantheon of NASCAR history can boast results like that at such an early age. Sure, he won’t turn 20 until November 29th, but what does he have left to prove?

Beyond Byron, there are numerous other options. More than a few believe his connection to Dale Earnhardt Jr. would lead to the move of Ryan Blaney to the 88 car. It’s hard to believe the youngster wouldn’t leave without a fight from all those associated with Ford. Stranger things have happened. Don’t forget Alex Bowman. He quietly served in the 88 last season while Junior sat out with his concussion problems. Bowman flew a bit under the radar, but didn’t perform badly. He’s one of those guys that make you wonder what he would do knowing his ducks were in a row with a top flight team.

From here, it sure looks like the 10 car at Stewart-Haas will play a large part in where Matt Kenseth lands in 2018. Regardless of your sentiments towards Danica Patrick, the point of critical mass has hit. What would be the point of continuing on? Well, there is the marketing dollars she can fetch, but come on, sponsors would rather back a winner. Patrick simply hasn’t moved the needle in terms of progress. If she moves on, Kasey Kahne could move over and drive for his old buddy Stewart. Then, Kenseth could take over the 5, or Kenseth could rejoin the Blue Oval brigade himself.

No matter what, there are plenty of youthful options for the 88 car. Kenseth still has his driving chops, but taking that assignment on a one-year basis looks like an unsatisfying solution. Rick Hendrick has loads of possibilities, and while Matt Kenseth is one of them, it sure seems all would be better served with a younger fanny in the 88 car.


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The importance of the brakes of a car can never be overemphasized, no matter how beautiful or fast a car is, or even how many horsepower it generates if the brakes are non-functional or under functional, there will certainly be some real problem for the car owner. Many people have fallen victims of mishaps simply because they failed to take certain simple precautionary steps to avert the occurrence of such as it affects the health and general wellbeing of their brakes.
Break Repair and Maintenance - Tow Truck

However, carrying out basic maintenance of your car brakes is not really as complex as many may want to believe, carrying out your own brake care may appear to be a really challenging task, although, when you are versatile in it, you will discover that it is not really as complex as you initially thought, as a matter of fact, you will begin to wonder why you had not been involved in it before. It is worthy of note that the brakes of your car have five major components namely: the rotors, the brake pad, the caliper, the line and the master cylinder. For you to service or repair them, a good working knowledge of each one would definitely suffice.

Master cylinder and brake lines:

there is a hydraulic principle behind the operation of the car brakes, what this means is that the brakes make use of fluids to transmit the power of your foot on the car pedal to the actual wheel brakes. The starting point of the flow of power is the master cylinder. If a fault arises with the master cylinder, it won’t be able to transmit enough fluid to the car brakes; therefore you ought to regularly check the brake fluid for its level of cleanliness. As long as you have ascertained that the fluid is clean, and the components are functioning very well, you can now check the brakes mechanical components.

Pads, calipers and rotors:

these components all function with the task of stopping your car. In the event of you pressing on the brake pedal, fluid is sent by the master cylinder to the brake caliper which squeezes together, hence exerting a force on the brake pads, therefore the importance of examining your calipers cannot be over emphasized. When the calipers squeeze, the brake pad influences the rotors into halting your car movement. However, in the event of worn brake pads, they can’t make a smooth connection with the rotors and this, in turn, leads to the gradual wear out of rotors due to the rough and uneven edges.
Nowadays, the cars come with indicators for wear that makes a squealing noise to show that it is due for replacement, however, it is advisable to get them replaced even before hearing the squealing sound, and it is also advisable to check your car brake rotors to ascertain that there is no wear.

Brake schedule of maintenance

Following the prescribed maintenance schedule as contained in your car manual will certainly help keep you in check regards remembering when your brakes are due for maintenance, however, in the case of forgetfulness, it is advisable to check your brake strength after every 12,000 miles covered. Some car manufacturers recommend that they should be replaced after most of it has been worn off to about 1/8 inch or thereabout remaining, some also recommend outright change after every 25,000 miles covered. Also, it is advisable to check your brake fluid for dirt, in the case of this; it is advisable it should be changed. It is, however, advisable that you make changes as it suits your car considering that each car has its own unique peculiarities.

What to consider as regards brake maintenance

Maintaining your car brakes does not only bother on the safety benefits but also its overall effect on your finances. That is the reason to choose the reliable car maintenance and repair service providers near you.
The maintenance of brakes generally involves installing new brake pads and carrying out the resurfacing of brake rotors, these services vary in cost from car to car. However, the cost of maintaining a brake is certainly not comparable to the cost of repairing same, repairs of the pads and rotors usually cost a considerable amount of cash. In addition to these, it is imperative that only the services of a professional be engaged when it comes to the maintenance and repairs of the car brakes, many quacks abound who only end up aggravating minor issues as it relates to your cars, also, only the right spare parts should be used at all times for the best results possible.

Call Our “Auto Repair & Maintenance Services” Today!

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Toronado revived front-wheel drive in the USA

  The’66 Toronado was an innovative car that reintroduced front-wheel drive to America. Cars like the Ruxton and Cord had offered front-wheel drive in the ‘20s and ‘30s. It had last been seen in this country on the 1937 Cord. Some European cars also used this drive system, but no automaker had combined front-wheel drive with an engine as powerful as the Oldsmobile V-8. In the fall of 1965, there […]

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Denny Hamlin Is In, How About The Rest of JGR?


Rumors of JGR’s demise have been somewhat exaggerated. I think most of us who follow NASCAR closely knew it was only a matter of time before they would get that long-overdue first win of 2017. What about the other three in Coach Gibbs’ stable? Who gets in? Who misses the playoff cut?

Wouldn’t it be a surprise of Denny Hamlin were the only JGR driver to make the playoffs? In spite of his age and currently unsettled status, Matt Kenseth is far from washed up. Kyle Busch is, well, Kyle Busch. Daniel Suarez is underrated among the rising stars of the sport. The problem really hasn’t been the drivers.

Slumps like what JGR has had have many causes. Among the culprits have been some bad pit calls, bad pit stops and some bad luck. Throw in the occasional driver blunder (it even happens to the best among us), and you have the recipe for recent history. That’s all to say that the recent woes are fixable.

It may be taking the path of least resistance to say so, but Kyle Busch is a cinch. The skill is there, the speed is there. In this opinion, there have been times where crew chief Adam Stevens has cost his driver. It happens sometimes. No pit boss is perfect. That aside, the 2015 champion has been quite racy. He won’t be denied much longer. In fact, the JGR could be celebrating a second consecutive win with Kyle Busch at the wheel at Indianapolis.

I would further lean towards Matt Kenseth making it into the playoffs. Regardless of his uncertain future, Kenseth is a professional. He will not just mail it in for his JGR swan song. There have been plenty of moments of racing brilliance. This is another case of not being able to keep a good man down.

If Kenseth does falter, don’t rule out Daniel Suarez. The rookie hasn’t been as heralded as some of his counterparts, but he has handled his sudden promotion well after the unexpected retirement of Carl Edwards. He’s flown under the radar while much of the focus has been on the others. He just might make it, especially if Kenseth and Penske’s Joey Logano misses the cut.

Yes, the whole JGR could find itself as a part of the 2017 NASCAR Monster Energy Cup playoff picture. This is NOT a team racing for relevance. It’s just been one of those funky years. Now, I grant you there’s more than a couple of fans who would love to see Joe Gibbs fall- whether it be perceived Christian hypocrisy, being a Toyota team, or the Kenseth situation, or animus towards Mrssrs. Busch and Hamlin in particular.

Cue the old Frankie Stallone song, they may be down, but they are far from over. JGR has more noise to make before this season is out. Two drivers are a virtual lock. Three is quite possible. Four isn’t as far fetched as one may think.

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The engine of a car is basically the heart of the car, so long as the heart of a man is without any fault, there is every tendency that he will continue living fine and without problems, however, whenever an issue proceeds from the heart, the whole body bears the full brunt. The same thing can be said of the car engine, hence the need to keep it healthy and active at all times. However, before attempting to find out how to keep our engines healthy so you never need a tow truck unexpectedly, it is quite imperative to find out what makes it rather unhealthy:

Common causes of Engine problems

  • Irregular oil change over
  • Low oil levels when driving
  • Car overheating
  • Poor quality of fuel
  • Non-usage of car over prolonged periods
  • Manufacturer’s flaws

Importance of oil changes

A car engine is a unit that contains a many moving parts, and it is an established fact that motion brings friction and the friction causes heat and heat cause wear and tear. The engine oil is therefore healthy in the sense that it helps to lubricate or if you may “smooth” the engine movements, but, as time goes on, the engine oil degrades in value and quality, it loses its ability to lubricate and then carbonises under high temperatures. That’s why a regular change of the engine oil helps keep your car clean internally and avoid future car repairs. Failure to change your oil regularly exposes your car to the buildup of carbon sludge in the engine. The car vents then provide a pathway for them to be passed inside the engine intake and built-up inside the throttle body and also on the valves. This simply ends up causing power shortage, therefore, if you want to find out the quality and state of your oil, dip a stick into it and have a look at it.

Why you should know your oil level

Because the engine is a hot zone, some volume of oil is burnt off within it. This, in turn, leads to a drop in the overall quantity and quality of oil. It is very imperative to be constantly aware with the current levels of your engine oil, failure to top it off when necessary could easily lead to engine damage. Many cars come with reminders for maintenance alerts that notify you when to go for a general checkup of your cars, this systems are often times equipped to notify you of a drop in the level of the oil, however, necessity is still laid on you to find out the oil levels manually, as a matter of fact, no matter how busy you are, you should check it out at least once a month, it wouldn’t take you more than a few minutes.

How do I locate the oil dipstick?

Many people get confused trying to locate the oil dipstick. It is quite easy to locate, all you need to do is check your user guide, within the guide, it can be found in the maintenance section, when you access it, you will typically find the map of the location of the various components. The dipstick normally has a bright handle with the inscription “engine oil” written on it

Protect your car engine from being overheated

The fuel being combusted in the car engine generates a whole lot of heat, hence the need for the car cooling system, the cooling system is saddled with the responsibility of passing around liquid coolants all the way from the engine to the installed radiator at the front of the car where the coolant gets cooled by the air traveling through the radiator fins. However, a little challenge by the cooling system and the whole engine could easily become a victim of overheating which in turn could end up damaging the car engine. Coolant leaks are a common occurrence with cars, and it should be noted that they are not really good for the car, hence if one is located; it is advisable to quickly fix it so as to avert a situation of overheating or breaking down and needed a towing company

Mineral oil versus synthetic oil: which is the better?

More recent cars tend to favor the use of synthetic oil due to the fact that it offers greater defense for the car engine, among several other advantages, synthetic oil can withstand higher heat values and last longer without losing its ability lubricate, furthermore it doesn’t get thicker at cold temperatures synthetic oil has its major use in severe conditions or where there is excessive load and so on, however, when using synthetic oil, it is advisable to adhere to rules that govern its usage such as regular changing of the oil.

If you keep your car healthy and stay on top of the scheduled maintenance, your car or truck will last longer and run better. We know sometimes engine fail unexpectedly despite your best efforts of care, so if you ever find yourself in need of reliable towing we can help.

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If Matt Kenseth Wants To Race, He Will


That sounds like a “Well, duh” kind of statement. You know what I mean. For example, Greg Biffle found himself out of a ride at season’s end after a long career at Roush Fenway. How badly he wanted to drive, only he knows. What we know is that the Biff is not racing in the NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series this year. Yours truly submits this will not be the case for Matt Kenseth.

Matty Ice (with all apologies to the Falcons QB) isn’t a caution flag waiting to happen. Whatever it is that keeps a driver going is something he still possesses. It could go fast, to be sure, but Matt Kenseth is certainly at that stage of his career where maybe you take it a year at a time going forward.

Not only is he not a back marker, there are ample seats to fill. As of today, we know that Erik Jones is off the table to drive the 20 car. Most notably, the 88 will come open as Dale Earnhardt Jr. retires. Then there’s the 77 ride, should Furniture Row continue racing two cars. Putting a former champion in that seat may give Barney Visser and company what they need to secure sponsorships. It’s probably far-fetched, given their relationship to Kenseth’s soon-to-be former employer, but who knows? With the 88, he would at most fill that seat for a year, as it would seem Alex Bowman or William Byron don’t need a heck of a lot more time in the Xfinity Series.

There’s talk that Kenseth could return to a Ford team and race for Roger Penske in the 12 car. That seems logical. There’s also talk that Ryan Blaney could make the move to that car after finding success with the Wood Bros. If you ask me, putting Kenseth in the classic 21 would be cool if Blaney moves.

You know which ride seems most logical for Matt Kenseth? The 10 car at Stewart-Haas. This is not hating on Danica Patrick, this is simply a feeling that she’s coming to the end of her Cup Series road. To be honest, I think it’s not such a bad idea to be one of those drivers who returns to Xfinity. Will that happen? The latter is not as likely, but the former makes perfect sense from here.

Truth be told, there’s no end to the possibilities. However, when it comes to Matt Kenseth, he can do whatever he wants.


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Furniture Row Racing Turns Tables On JGR


You know, it’s not supposed to be like this. Furniture Row Racing is supposed to be the “kid brother” to Joe Gibbs Racing. One team has two former champions, a perennial contender and a promising rookie. The other has a grizzled journeyman who once went six YEARS between his first and second career victory and a rookie. One team enjoys the spoils of residing in NASCAR’s heartland. The other toils on the outer reaches of the NASCAR frontier in Denver, Colorado- far, far away from the Charlotte area.

Furniture Row Racing isn’t following the script. Who would have imagined Martin Truex Jr. would have three wins on the season, while JGR has, wait for it, zero. You would think that if Gibbs is struggling, the same would apply to the “little” team aligned with them. Yet somehow, FRR is not only getting another stellar season from the man who succeeded Kurt Busch in the 78, rookie Erik Jones is isn’t fairing too badly either in 14th. Whatever the problem is, it’s not Toyota.

The Quaker State 400 was a microcosm of the season thus far for these two Toyota teams. Once again, Kyle Busch held a wicked wheel, but as the race wore on, the car wore out. Did you catch the interview on TV with the crew chief of the 18- Adam Stevens? He looked flummoxed. In spite of Kyle’s finish, you just never got the feeling that Busch had a winning car. Denny Hamlin tried to take a turn out front and sank like a rock. Of course, since no slump is complete without a little bad luck, Matt Kenseth and Daniel Suarez finished just inside the top 20 after having a few good moments.

Now the word is out that Matt Kenseth won’t return to the 20 in 2018. Now, to be sure, Furniture Row Racing isn’t saying Jones is a lock. Silly season has become a complicated affair. Nonetheless, concerning JGR, there’s an overall sense of unrest, that things aren’t what they ordinarily are.

A lot can happen between now and Homestead. Right now, all the tables seem turned. It reminds this observer of the scene from the Civil War, when a freed slave who fought for the Union came across his former owner, a Confederate soldier who had been captured. The slave said “Hello Massa, bottom rail on top this time.” Furniture Row Racing has made the most of its resources, and it’s Barney Visser’s boys leading the way for Toyota.



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