You know, for some, it isn’t always love at first sight. Guys? Do remember back in the day that girl that was always giving you a ration? Then later you found out she was masking a fancy for you? That has to have been what happened been Lady Luck and Martin Truex Jr.

Whether it was languishing at DEI in their sunset years, the chaos of Michael Waltrip Racing, and some hard luck in his early days at Furniture Row, Lady Luck was a wicked tease with Martin Truex Jr. This doesn’t even account for the off track adversity the Marietta, New Jersey native walked through with his longtime love Sherry Pollex and her bout with cancer. Doggone it, it’s cruel what he’s been through.

Sunday, Lady Luck gave Martin Truex Jr. a ride home. Just when it looked like Brad Keselowski would relegate Truex to a runner-up finish, the two car played out, and it was Martin Truex getting the three-stage trifecta and a win at Las Vegas.

Let’s not give it all to luck. You get lucky- often by virtue of being in the right place at the right time. To get to the right place, you have to do the right things. Martin Truex Jr. would tell you: he’s not doing it alone. All the way out on that NASCAR frontier known as Denver, Colorado, Furniture Row Racing has built a winning team. This team will be in the mix come Homestead. It would take a colossal collapse for it to play out otherwise.

Speaking of stage racing, this writer will go on record saying its a good thing to see early race success rewarded. How many times does a car race like the 78 and something wipes it out- usually some end-of-race craziness in which the driver gets caught up. Ask Kevin Harvick about that.

Bad luck will keep a good man down only so long. Martin Truex Jr. has become a shining example of persistence and he hung on long enough for it to pay off.



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