Kyle Busch celebrates SonomaThroughout racing history, NASCAR has has its share of complicated figures. Dale Earnhardt, Tony Stewart and Darrell Waltrip were either racers you loved, or racers you loathed. In today’s NASCAR, that tradition is alive and well with Kyle Busch.

Peruse this week’s headlines, and Kyle Busch is ever-present, even if he isn’t winning races. Among them articles and posts that are positive concerning the 2015 champion, and there’s plenty of negative as well.

On the positive side is a heart-warming article from Matt Crossman of ESPN-W. Most fans know of the struggles Kyle and his wife Samantha had in conceiving a child until their son Brexton came along two years ago. Crossman shares the struggles and triumphs of a couple who had similar struggles, but were succeeded in having a child with financial help, courtesy of a grant from Bundle of Joy, a charity under the umbrella of the Kyle Busch Foundation.

Today, Brendan and Jennifer Sullivan are the proud parents of little Carson Leigh. While Brendan catches a lot of grief as he proudly brandishes his Kyle Busch swag, suffice it to say, he does not care. Kyle and Samantha Busch are angels. A funny part of their story is that Jennifer couldn’t stand Busch until she got to see his more gracious side away from the track.

Along with these fans, there are Kyle Busch fans who appreciate his hard-charging driving style, and checkers or wreckers mentality. Think about it: the results of our previous election demonstrate an affinity for the anti-politically correct in America.

On the other hand, this fan rolled his eyes at his comment about leaving Talladega for a “real” race track this week. The folks at Talladega Superspeedway fired back at Busch’s shot across the bow. Race winner Ricky Stenhouse Jr. chimed in with a little wisecrack of his own. It’s a reminder of how insolent he can be when things aren’t going his away. Make no mistake, he’s not the only one. Even cool Matt Kenseth can cut loose with a good tirade if things get bad enough. It’s part and parcel of mental wiring of a racer.

Speaking for himself, this fan has his good days and his bad days with Kyle Busch. It was the same way with Tony Stewart. Just when you want to hate him, he does something classy. Just about that time you start to become a fan, he shows his hind parts.

If you want to know the truth, I’ve learned that racers are only human. To say any driver is a “good” guy or a “bad” guy is an oversimplification. Don’t we all have a good side and a bad side?

As I ponder that complex man named Kyle Busch, I must say it makes for an intriguing character study. It will keep me busy as long as one of the most talented drivers to ever hit the race track continues to be himself.

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